With Syntrium on the road towards an efficient and effective future

    At Syntrium we are always striving for improvement. In practice we do this by making the most of administrative business procedures. We analyse your company’s product and the way your company works, and we see how they can be made smoother and leaner. By working with Syntrium your company doesn't change: it merely becomes more efficient and more effective. We always look in particular for solutions that will make both the company and its employees happier. 

    We arrive at these inventive solutions in consultation with our clients and their employees. We choose therefore to visit you on site so that we can gain an understanding of the core of your company. By working with us, you as a customer save time and money in meetings and wage costs. Our team is small: we are made up exclusively of consultants who are familiar with all the processes of technology companies. We focus on projects, manufacturing and maintenance, as well as on the supporting processes of Finance, HR, Supply Chain management, etc. .

    Partner of IFS and Novacura

    Member of BEMAS and VOKA