Wynn's Belgium

    “Wynn’s makes cars that work well, Syntrium a Wynn’s that works well.”

    "Raf Ongena is one of the 100 nice employees at Wynn’s Belgium in Sint-Niklaas. He is the IT Manager of “everything that has a cable attached to it,” as he laughingly describes himself. Raf knows how to express things sharply and to-the-point."

    Raf Ongena, ICT Manager Wynn’s

    Wynn's Belgium

    Wynn’s Belgium is part of Additives International, an ITW Division that manufactures and supplies specialty and innovative chemicals for the automotive aftermarket. 




    He describes his company as “a production company that makes additives for the automotive sector whereby problems are avoided or solved by the AC or turbo in your car.” Admit, the type of elevator pitch that you hope every colleague of your company does in the same way: efficiently and effectively. Could it be why Wynn's likes to work with Bizcon?

    “Bizcon helped us with the standardization of our ERP, the Enterprise Resource Planning. Koen knew the administrative processes from our organisation thoroughly, as well as the IFS software. This is an ideal combination that always results in ideal solutions. For the company and its users alike. We used to work with, for example, excel files in the lab. If there was a piece of information missing no one was the wiser. Now that no longer happens because we are capable of monitoring each process. That is convenient for our staff, but also when it comes time for an audit. It is also useful for our customers and suppliers. In the same way that our additives help see to it that your car runs well, Bizcon sees to it that your business runs well.

    “As equally important as the solutions are the paths through implementation; to do this in a smooth fashion, on schedule and within budget. With Koen I have a good sparring partner, and one that is also super flexible. That is again very useful for my agenda and for that of my colleagues. You see, the optimization of our administrative process is also present right here,” concludes Raf.

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