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    An efficient and effective company makes happy employees. And happy employees make us happy. Which is why it is our mission to make your business processes work in the best possible way. By working closely with you as a client, we get to understand what solutions your company needs. But in doing so, we always maintain our role as an outsider. This enables us to view the business from a different perspective and offer the best solutions to its challenges. Our team consists of consultants who all have top-level expertise in the field of technology.



    My training as a chemical engineer has brought me into contact with a wide range of technical companies, as well as with a wide variety of corporate cultures. The expertise I have thus gained has enabled me to develop implementation models that today form the basis of Syntrium’s working methods.


    My interest in applications and ERP systems began in 1987, and not long after I became the super user with an American company. On my return to Belgium the company assembled a project team for the implementation of a new logistics system (AVALON) for its distribution companies worldwide. Belgium was the pilot.

    I made the move to IFS, where I got to know Koen on one of my first assignments. We each went our separate ways but kept in touch. We both started our own consulting firms, thus expanding and developing our IFS knowledge and experience. Our visions regarding implementations ended up becoming so close that we decided to deploy them in one company. Which is how Syntrium came to be born.


    After graduating as a Master of Science, I executed different quality related projects as a consultant for pharmaceutical companies. It was a perfect taste of different structures, different cultures and different ways of working. It gave me the confidence to start working as an Operations Manager for several years.
    I always recognized the importance of business processes and IT. To strengthen my knowledge in these fields, I obtained a MBA at ESCP Europe, graduating with a thesis about digitalization in an international bank.
    Joining Syntrium using my past experience and academical knowledge to help our clients, was a match made in heaven.


    During a long time, I believed Chemical engineering was my true goal in live, but it just turned out to be a stepstone on the path of my professional journey. In the end my analytical view and way of looking at things made me discover business processes and ERP systems.
    On my trip from R&D Chemist over being a Project Manager to Business Analyst, I was able to load my backpack with a large variety of information to become a Business Consultant. I discovered IFS in 2003 as a key user or SME and already came in contact with Patrick at that time. From of 2013 I worked together with Koen during a couple of IFS upgrades and business process improvement projects in my previous jobs.
    Finally in 2021 all pieces of my career-puzzle came together in joining Syntrium to support our customers in the complexity of optimizing their businesses.


    As a person, I have a fascination for how things work. I love technology and innovation and learning about new things. At the same time, I am a very analytical person. I like to put things into processes, to understand the flow of things and see how they interconnect. After graduating as an industrial engineer, I worked at several companies in Quality and After Sales departments. In 2015 my employer started implementing IFS and that was the start of a journey into ERP systems where both my curiosity and analytical personality came together. In the years after, I got the chance to travel around Europe, give trainings on IFS, and help the various local service hubs to optimize their business processes. In July 2021 I joined Syntrium and I was given the chance to do the same for multiple companies. Getting to know a new company, listening to them, and understanding their business processes is a key element in helping them implement their processes into IFS and achieve the best possible solution.


    My background is Finance, accounting & controlling specifically. ERP took my interest during my time at Akzo Nobel Inks starting 1999. After management buy-out in 2001 where ANI became Xsys Print Solutions (current Flint Group) we implemented a financial shared service center (FSSC) and rolled out ERP system IFS worldwide. My role was project/implementation manager Finance and ending as manager FSSC.
    In 2007 I decided to start on my own as interim finance professional. Due to my track record and international experience I was quickly performing a similar (interim) role at PartnerTech (currently Scanfil) for their roll-out in the UK. After that I participated in other implementation/roll-outs of IFS ERP for PartnerTech and IFS customers like Hertel, Smit International, Damen Shipyards, Technip, Maersk Drilling, Borr Drilling and SBM Offshore or as interim Solution Manager Finance like at Damen Shipyards and Boccard Services.
    During my last project I worked with Patrick Vermeulen again, who trained me back in 2001. By knowing also Koen Gielen, being in same IFS projects in the past, and that we have a similar vision about implementations and optimizing business processes we decided to join forces.


    Starting my career at an Accounting firm I got to know different companies, business structures and sectors. After a few years my interest was growing towards the business itself and the business processes, and I moved into the business world itself as a Financial Manager. Mainly in the construction sector (network cabling projects) and the service sector for industrial maintenance.
    Focusing more on the core business processes, I further broadened my knowledge with related studies in, among others, Business Management (Thomas More) and Business Essentials (Vlerick Business School). It was an ideal combination to prepare the various ERP implementations at the companies I worked for and ensure a smooth go live.
    Not surprisingly, I have always been a proponent of information technology systems such as ERP to improve and automate processes.
    With a similar mindset, the career switch to Syntrium did seem predetermined.

    Interested in finding out about what we could do to optimize your company? Contact us for an exploratory discussion.


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    Member of BEMAS and VOKA