Optimizing business processes optimizes people.

A better company produces happy people. Which is why we at Syntrium see it as our mission to make your administrative operating procedures efficient and effective. Your company doesn't change but the way it works does. An organisation that has its business completely under control operates efficiently: now and in the future. And that makes both you and us happy.


    From ‘as is’ to ‘to be’ in five steps


    Firstly, we use workshops and research to find out what the strengths and weaknesses of your business are.


    Secondly, from its strengths and opportunities we develop a tailor-made solution.


    We then develop your tailor-made implementation model, and we draw up a strategy that provides for a smooth and efficient transition.


    After that we configure the model using a supportive software tool.


    And lastly, we help your employees adjust to the new operating procedures. From then on your company has its business fully under control!

    Syntrium, and its passion for technical companies

    Our passion and know-how lie in the field of technology. Which is why we have chosen to work solely with technology companies: we seek to work deeper rather than wider.

    Our focus is trained on projects, manufacturing and maintenance, without losing sight of the supporting processes such as Finance, HR, Supply Chain management, etc.
    The decision to operate as generalists in a niche market brings with it many advantages. Our expertise is keener, our solutions more inventive and the way we implement them more efficient. We gather this not only from reading it on paper, we see it in the faces of our clients when they view the results borne by their revamped operating procedures. Ask our partners to tell you this:

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